Ruth Hartley’s Birthday

Tanvir Naomi BushPoetry 4 Comments

Cheese, please! My Mum is the artist and writer Ruth Hartley. Last week we threw her a 70th birthday party. That was because she turned 70…not because we were trying to freak her out. My older sister baked cakes and made soups and dips and organised a tower of wonderful cheeses. There were old friends and new wines, speeches and thank yous and Silent John even sang her a song! A super do!

Summer of ’69

Tanvir Naomi BushZambia 12 Comments

I was born on Midsummer’s Day in 1969, which makes this Sunday a rather large birthday. I think I am finally on top of the dizzying G-force effect of hurtling through time towards an age which tops Zambia’s life expectancy….which occurs the first time you actually realise that no one will ever call you ‘young woman’ again ….and which gets you ‘that look’ when people ask you if you have children and you reply ‘not yet.’ I did initially decide […]

New Year all round.

Tanvir Naomi BushPhotography 2 Comments

So here I am in the next year of my life. To tell you the truth it feels a little bit like the last one only a bit stiffer. As still feeling hungover from lovely gentle birthday bash in rain I will keep this short. Also will have to get a decent nights sleep as I promised myself I would start running again in the mornings. What kind of an idiotic birthday gift to self is that? Why didn’t I […]

Birthday Solstice

Tanvir Naomi BushPoetry 2 Comments

Holy smoke..what heppened to the time? must have been that vintage cider! Ladies and gentlement, tomorrow is the summer solstice birthday. Tis all a bit bemusing to be off an age where most people have children, mortgages, bald spots, and savings. I have …an over active imagination, an exhausted liver and always the feeling of discombobulation that makes me feel that i am still searching for something elusive , strange and truly beautiful. Maybe this year eh?