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The woman on the make shift podium has got stuck half way through her ‘body ripple’. She has over intellectualised the move and stuck out her bum AND her breasts at the same time so setting up what should have been Newton’s second, (“F = ma: the net force on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration”) but now seems to be his third equation. (Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” […]

Saturday night and i aint got no body.

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Summer on a Saturday night. I stand in my garden where all to me is a beautiful indeterminate, soft, green fuzz. In the neighbours’ gardens children sing and play and adults bang hammers and light fires; the smell of burnt sausages and tizz- crack of cans all around. I should be watching the film on the DVD. It is on and playing but I can’t be still. Much as I love being alone NO ONE is that happy about being […]