Birthday Solstice

Tanvir Naomi BushPoetry 2 Comments

Holy smoke..what heppened to the time? must have been that vintage cider! Ladies and gentlement, tomorrow is the summer solstice birthday. Tis all a bit bemusing to be off an age where most people have children, mortgages, bald spots, and savings. I have …an over active imagination, an exhausted liver and always the feeling of discombobulation that makes me feel that i am still searching for something elusive , strange and truly beautiful. Maybe this year eh?

Fairly magik

Tanvir Naomi BushVisual Impairment, Writing 5 Comments

Yesterday I went to the Town and Country Fair with my floaty neighbour.. The weather was chilly and sunny in equal bursts with occasional splodges of fat rain drops …there is nothing quite like the English summer. My eyes have been a bit difficult this last week so at first I was subdued and sullen wandering around between the organic jam stalls and the sheep shearing. Things brightened up considerably after I bumped into the vintage cider stall however. A […]