Fiddling with the Truth.

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  I know my last post was a little frugal when it came to profundity. This is the thing: my grandparents on my father’s side were 2nd generation East End London Jews. They came from (my Grandmother) Russia; near Odessa and (my Grandfather) Poland, Krakow. Originally my father’s surname was Shimansky, a name with great history, meaning and magic. The Shimansky’s were healers and wise people. My grandfather was working in Shepherd’s Bush market when the Second World War broke […]

Extra Dimension

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Ta for all the lovely comments folks… I certainly will try all the tips and I am already feeling annoyingly perkier today especially as I haven’t been sucked into an alternate universe or exploded. I did watch the very excited gaggle of sweaty scientists flick a switch. Nothing obviously tele -friendly happened apart from the popping of a champagne cork so there we all stood holding our noses, our eyes squeezed tight shut and then, finally, the head honcho scientist […]