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  I am standing on one leg waiting to step forward and say something motivational to nearly 100 people who have turned up at the Cardiff School of Optometry and Vision for the opening of the ‘Sight of Emotion’ photographic exhibition when I have a realisation. You see, for a couple of weeks I have been trying to figure out what it is that my new perfume really smells of. I have got the ylang ylang and the hint of […]

Job Lot.

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I have a free day. Nothing to do but job applications and essential gardening and house cleaning. So I pull out my rucksack and gear up for a hike along the river. Only I have to return in less then an hour because my eyes are shit. I stagger and squint and my eyes flic flic flic looking for the safe ground. Defeated and infuriated I retreat to the flat. If only there were no people around. I wouldn’t mind […]

Scoping out the future

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I have been a bit slack about writing this last few days but I have an excuse. You see I went to an audition!! I had been really scared about and I danced ..but I fell over..but I got up and I started again and it was wonderful. They loved me and now I am going to study ballet at Julliard and I have an aging hairy boyfriend ..and…oh no wait…. That was ‘Flashdance’.