Packing Up (Lusaka tomorrow)

Tanvir Naomi BushDisability 7 Comments

  It is late and I am not packed. I can’t quite seem to get my head straight. I feel fragile, the spit bubble of a baby, or a moth caught out in rain. I am not anxious or sad just out of time… waiting. image from internet Earlier today I sat in my novel seminar at Bath Spa Uni peering at my group through vision all smoky. Some days my sight makes me feel as if I am […]

Man flu

Tanvir Naomi BushRadio, Writing 2 Comments

My mini man flu flattened me. My head felt as if it had swollen to twice its size and my sight got as foggy as my brain. Even today, three days later I am still in pyjamas and still feeling as if I have been on a very long uphill walk when the truth is I have done nothing but lie down.