Grace, CULL and the End (of 2017, that is)!

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I have been out-calendared. Seriously. Here is me handing over a pretty (perchance a little dull) South West Guide Dog Association calendar to Grace’s new family for Christmas. ‘Grace is Ms December!’ I twinkle smugly. ‘Ahh, that’s lovely!’, they reply, handing me a calendar they have made themselves. On their shiny calendar, EVERY month is Grace month!!! Grace, and Max her new buddy, Grace with all the balls, Grace camping, Grace eating Grace, Grace…! ‘Holy Bonio, Grace,’ I hiss. ‘How […]

Blackbird in Blue

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I am watching a juvenile blackbird. She is incredibly excited having recently discovered the concept of flying and launches herself at everything with huge enthusiasm but seems to have still a bit of a problem with depth perception. She doesn’t care though. She’s just kind of..well …‘plummeted’ from the roof, smacking into the top of the fence and whammed down onto the grass popping back up, yellow beak high, with a Russian gymnast’s flourish Ta daaa! . It’s bloody glorious! […]

You Lookin’ At Me?

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Taxi driver: You got tunnel vision then.. Me: I..err. well ye….. Taxi driver: Its that stick what give it away. I saw it and I thought that one’s got tunnel vision. I was going to give you a hand but then you was in already. Silence Me: (realising I was supposed to comment) Err …so you know about …tunnel vision.. Taxi Driver: Yeah I meet lots of them people and their dogs. In fact I am in charge of organising […]