Oh The Green Green Grass! or Another Train of Thought

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Last Sunday my journey cost me my entire week’s income support. All of it. There is nothing quite like knowing on the Sunday that the rest of the week is all oozing out of the overdraft. The problem was that there were no trains to Kings Cross and we had to reroute and take taxis across London. By the time Grace and I were squeezed onto the Paddington to Bath train we were dishevelled, disgruntled and the stress had caused […]

Tuesdays and a Bit of Blind Panic (Long Post Warning)

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Following my last blog, I have been asking myself, ‘well why DO you write you loon? Explain yourself. After all you do tend to spend a hellish amount of time with what I call ‘writer’s block’ and other people might call ‘the television on’.’ Then it hit me. I write because of days like Tuesday. Let me explain. (It’s a bit of a long read this one. You can skip to the ‘conclusion’ if you are in a rush.) Tuesday […]