Its all about the interpretation.

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Please do not adjust your sets…normal transmission will begin again shortly. I promise. Inspiration got sucked away last week in a flurry of London commuting and misguided miscommunication but have ordered some more on the internet and am told it will take 3 to 5 working days. In the meantime, as I cannot show you MY interpretive dance, here is a photo of a Makishi dancer to convey my current mood! I’ll be back as soon as possible! Makishi Dancer: […]

Red Hot Chilli Pepper or the Ballad of the Flaming Owl

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‘The owl is on fire!’ The Chilli-Elephant man has returned from an overseas business trip and been in bed on his chilli farm in Livingstone for a mere four hours. The phone has rung and now he is trying to make some sense of the farm manager’s frantic shouting. ‘Mr. M! Mr. M! Come quickly! . The owl is on fire!!’ So begins the tale told by the red hot Chilli-Elephant man one steamy and sticky night in Livingstone town […]


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Forgive me folks..its been a while since my last blog session. I am in Zambia at the moment. In Livingstone in fact, in the Business centre of the Zambezi Sun hotel listening to the sound of a band playing marimbas (wooden xylophones.) It is the first time in ten days I have had a decent enough connection to post and apologies for the lack of illustrations.From this room I can hear the distant thunder of the Victoria Falls. It has […]