Brief blog from Vicarage

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I am in Radstock at what will be my sister’s new vicarage and have been here for a full week rattling around whilst she is away on silent retreat. …Silent if you allow the odd sneaky text that is. (Do you think Jesus would have been a ‘lol’, smiley face texter? Wonder if there is an emoticon symbol for ‘amen’? 🙂 or ‘I cast you into hell you demon’ 🙁 ) Its not the most handsome frontage but it is […]

Term Begins

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What a difference a seriously blue sky can make even in the fridge like conditions current. All around me a few days ago were the various creaking and cracking sounds of peoples shoulders un-hunching and jaws unclenching as they looked up in in wonder at what is known as sunlight. It didn’t last of course. On Monday Grace and I woke to several centimetres of icy sludge masquerading as snow and by the time we got to Bath for our […]