Not the olive branch.

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I am at the wrong party. Well that’s not strictly true. . I am at the right party but I am wrong. You see my old school buddy J has thrown an outdoor afternoon party in London but the weather haas turned out truly foul. Since morning it has been threatening to rain; the wind is chill and it is more then gloomy. It is dank. Consequently all the un-babied people, except me, have stayed in bed nursing hangovers leaving […]

Zambia Trip Part 1

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Japanese cars. Thousands of bloody cheap Japanese cars in pastel colours all called things like ‘Big Horn’ and ‘Yakult’ (well…possibly) have been flooding into Zambia and now in the capital Lusaka the traffic grinds into grid-lock twice a day every day. There is much building work too. Many of the derelict sites that had been there when I left 4 years ago have been bought up, tarted up and stuffed with glass. The supermarkets have almost everything (bar pork pies) […]