Hot Cross Buns

Tanvir Naomi BushVisual Impairment 9 Comments

  Easter weekend: part one:   I can see the pavement at my feet in a clear oval of sight, pale, yellow, paving stones, some cracked and dirty, some shifted and sticking out of alignment. My oval of sight is about ten inches across right in front of my nose. Like all tunnels it expands outwards and by the time it has extended to the pavement it is about five to ten feet across.   That’s enough to see paving […]

Snow Joke.

Tanvir Naomi BushVisual Impairment 10 Comments

    Let it snow, let it snow..hang about..I’ve gotta get to the sodding airport! Wasn’t it something though, sumptuous and soft and bright and oh so quiet; a blanket of cool otherness that soothed the usually brittle, sourness of Cambridge and London so much so that people went out and played..not just once..oh no..for two, whole naughty days. ‘Are you going to work today darling..? No..I err..I was thinking I might …umm.. you know…take the kids sledging.’ ‘ (Thoughtful […]