Canary in the Coalmine

Tanvir Naomi BushDisability 3 Comments

It is a gorgeous day… …for a protest march. High blue hanging tapestry of sky with crisp, cold air just enough to make your breath mist as you shout obscenities at the government. Not that we would of course. Most of us haven’t go that much breath to waste, confined as some of us are in wheelchairs or strapped into various bits of engineered exoskeleton, hanging on to guide dog harnesses or canes or friends or a combination thereof. For […]

The Hardest Hit!

Tanvir Naomi BushUncategorized 5 Comments

Hi there! Hope you don’t mind but I have copied the information from the RNIB website about the planned march next week. I went on the first one in London in April and I think it is very important that everyone is aware that the government ‘changes’ to disability benefits are going to directly affect the most vulnerable people in society.  Its grotesque especially in the way is is all being done ‘undar the radar’.  You may think it doesn’t […]