Fag Ash Bill

Tanvir Naomi BushWriting 5 Comments

In an attempt to cheer myself up I send out invitations to an impromptu BBQ for Sunday and then I get all lycra’d up and head to the gym. I slip past two innocuous middle-aged men standing into the doorway of the gym. They are smoking. ‘Smoking outside the gym? Very brave.’ I josh ‘You have a problem with that?’ replies one flatly. I glance over my shoulder at him. His tone was really nasty. The other chap had laughed […]

Hobo squirrels

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I thought Dennis my UK yob of a squirrel was rude but here the squirrels are actually a little frightening. They have black fur and less puffy tails so more ‘rat-like’ AND they go through the rubbish like old pro’s. They are completely unfazed by humanity, often standing in groups and yelling obscenities at passing people.

Canada very dry

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‘Can we help you…?’ I am standing glumly unsure about whether to wait for assistance from the BA ground staff (will they make me sit in a bloody wheelchair again) or just take pot luck and stride off in the general direction of customs when I hear this question from the couple in front. It is apparent they are not going to move or let anyone else off the plane unless I capitulate so I fall in line behind them […]